Kids running

It's hard to concentrate with the road right behind me!
Ariana, 11
Strathmore, Alberta

I wish this picture was not in black and white so that I would have more colours to pick from!
Sammy, 13
Strathmore, Alberta

Look at me! I can do it with my eyes closed! He he he.
Payton, 12
Constance Bay, Ontario

If I keep this up I could become the next Bob Ross.
Owen, 12
Waterford, Ontario

Did I just mix the green with the red?
Rory , 9
Toronto , Ontario

Oh no! I'm running out of black and white paint!
Mimi, 9
Halifax , Nova Scotia

I wish this wasn't black and white.
Kevin, 8
Toronto, Ontario

I should have bought a laptop.
Bramley, 8
Calgary, Alberta

De la neige en octobre!? Je rêve ou quoi!?
Amélie , 8
Gatineau, Quebec

Ma soeur Caroline
Li, 9 ans
Montréal, Quebec


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