Past Winners 2013

Kelsey Omaga, 2013 English winner of Kayak Kids' Illustrated History AwardEnglish winner:
Kelsey Omaga, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Chinese Labourers
Kelsey Omaga, a student at Holy Ghost School in Winnipeg, MB, decided to hone in on the history of Chinese labourers in Canada for her story. Through colourful artwork and concise captions, Kelsey detailed how in the 1880s, Chinese railway workers accepted wages of only $1 a day to build two hundred mile sections on the Canadian Pacific Railway that stretched from the Pacific to Craigellachie in the Eagle Pass in British Columbia.

Maude Boissonneault, 2013 French winner of the Kayak Kids' Illustrated History AwardFrench winner:
Maude Boissonneault, St-Arthur, NB

Le grand dérangement
Maude Boissonneault, a student at École le Versant-Nord, penned a touching story titled, ‘Le Grand Dérangement’. Her riveting fictional tale describes how a brother and sister narrowly avoid the Acadian deportation by bravely escaping and surviving in the forest with the help of a group of Aboriginal people.

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