Reading is awesome, but sometimes some pictures can help you learn and understand even more. Check out these links to see videos about the things you’ve read in Kayak.

Canadian Arctic Expedition

Learn more about the Canadian Arctic Expedition, explore the story of the Inukshuk and marvel at a unique Inuit musical performance.

Inuit Throat Singing

This amazing northern art, performed by women, was almost lost for a time, but it’s become very popular again in recent years. This video shows how two Inuit women feel about throat singing and explains how it’s done:

Canadian Arctic Expedition

This video from the Canadian Museum of Civilization describes some of the high and low points of the famous exploration work done by Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Dr. Rudolph Martin Anderson.

Tough Sledding

Members of the Canadian Arctic Expedition had to learn from the Inuit to live in the harsh environment of the Far North, and come up with new ways to do things. It was hard work, as you’ll see in this video of CAE members hacking out an ice trail for a dogsled. (There’s no sound on the recording, which is nearly a century old.)

The Story of the Inukshuk

For thousands of years, Inuit in Canada’s Arctic have been building stone piles in the shape of people. These statues are called inuksuit; one is called an Inukshuk. They may mark good hunting or fishing spots, provide shelter or point the way like a signpost.

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