Reading is awesome, but sometimes some pictures can help you learn and understand even more. Check out these links to see videos about the things you’ve read in Kayak.

Lights! Camera! Mmm!

How to Make Pemmican
Dried meat mixed with bear fat and sometimes dried berries equals pemmican. It’s been eaten for thousands of years in Canada, and First Nations people still make it, as this Cree elder shows.

History of Tea
It’s still the most popular drink in Great Britain. It’s been in Canada since the Hudson’s Bay Company brought it here nearly 400 years ago.

Make Your Own Bannock
Kayak editor Nancy Payne shows you how to make Canada’s oldest and easiest bread.

Famous Chefs
In the March Kayak, we featured Canada’s best-known TV chefs. Here’s an episode of Martin Yan’s show on the Food Network.

Here’s Jehane Benôit cooking on the show Take 30 with Rod Coneybeare, a puppeteer on the popular CBC kids’ show Mr. Dressup.

And here’s a more modern program: superstar Quebec chef Ricardo Larrivée explains (en français) how to help an avocado ripen more quickly.


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