Reading is awesome, but sometimes some pictures can help you learn and understand even more. Check out these links to see videos about the things you’ve read in Kayak.

Rebels and Resisters

These people cared passionately about changing Canada, but they were often willing to use violence.

Fenian Raids

Comedian Sean Cullen has a funny explanation of the failed Fenian raids.

“Just Watch Me”

During the October Crisis in 1970, the federal government called in army tanks and soldiers to protect against the FLQ. When Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was asked about it, he shocked many Canadians with his famous answer, which is about six minutes into this interview.

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Crise d’Octobre

Cette vidéo de Radio-Canada présente les principaux événements d'Octobre 1970.

Clayoquot Sound

A few years after the huge protests to stop logging near Tofino on Vancouver Island, both the protesters and the forestry company had learned a lot.

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