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Historic Sites

Nan Sdins

This hauntingly beautiful site on a remote B.C. island tells the story of a creative people who thrived on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) for thousands of years.

Bar U Ranch

Established in 1881, the Bar U became legendary in part for the colourful characters who passed through its corrals such as famed cowboy John Ware, a freed black slave from Southern Carolina. He performed many marvels at the Bar U, including saving a herd of cattle from a deadly winter storm. There was also the Prince of Wales who loved the Bar U so much that he bought the ranch next door. And let's not forget Harry Longabaugh, aka "The Sundance Kid," — he worked here as a dollar-a-day horse breaker until he made more money as a train robber.


This peaceful-looking village on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River was the final battlefield of the Northwest Rebellion of 1885.

Lower Fort Garry

When a devastating flood in 1826 made a complete ruin of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s headquarters in what is now Winnipeg, the company decided to build on higher ground. This was the beginning of Lower Fort Garry, the oldest intact stone fur trading post in North America.

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