We pack a lot into the pages of every issue of Kayak, but there’s always more great stuff we just can’t fit in. So join Teeka and Beau, our otter mascots, to find out more about the theme of each issue, or just pick up some random bits of Canadian history.

How Fort-unate!

Although many Canadian military forts are similar, they’re not all the same — and for good reason.

Guess the Old-Fashioned Kitchen Tool

The food Canadians eat has a changed a lot during our history, and so has the way we prepare it. Check out these old-fashioned kitchen tools from Lang Pioneer Village near Peterborough, Ont. Can you guess what each one does?

It’s Spring! (Sort of…)

In lots of parts of Canada this year, it still feels a whole lot like winter.

History is Delicious!

Every part of our past had food that helped make it happen. And almost everywhere in the country, for nearly our whole history, you’ll find someone making bannock, a kind of fried or baked biscuit.

The Maple Moon

It’s maple syrup time! Since First Nations people first discovered how to make syrup, Canadians have welcomed this sweet time of year.

The Shame of Slavery

Black History Month is an important time to remember that for a lot of our past, people with dark skin were treated very badly.

Olympic Throwback

In 2010, Vancouver hosted the 21st Olympic Winter Games, so Kayak celebrated with an issue all about the Winter Olympics.

February holidays

For a very long time, cold, grumpy Canadians wanted just one thing: a holiday in February. Well, now at least some of them have one.

Winter Fun

Check out some Canadian historical winter fun!

Building a Nation

Canada didn’t become a country all at once. And nobody fought a war to create it, either. It took a lot of talking and a lot of time, starting 150 years ago. There were arguments, insults, drunken parties and great speeches, and along the way, a country was born.

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