Anna - Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

My project is about the Spanish Influenza of 1918 which killed 50-100 million people. About a third of the world's population was infected. Canada's response to the pandemic was the start of Canada's Department of Health in 1919. Also, we can thank annual conferences held in Canada about seasonal influenzas to help with the decrease of flu outbreaks today. In my project I researched the three waves of the pandemic, the symptoms, and the social upheaval it caused globally.

Antone - Vancouver, British Columbia

A project concerning the commemorative coins of Canada and how their designs relate and represent it.

Basel - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

In 8 months I will become a proud citizen of this country. At my citizenship ceremony I will swear “to faithfully observe the laws of Canada including treaties with Indigenous Peoples”. I live on the traditional and unceded territory of the Abegweit First Nation. I want Canada to be the best country it can be. To achieve this we must all practice respect for the agreements between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians.

Blanche - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Le projet utilise des entrevues comme processus de découverte afin de répondre à la question "Pourquoi le marché des fermiers est important pour la communauté de Charlottetown et de l'Ile"? Le projet démontre que la collaboration et l'engagement communautaire sont essentiels pour l'épanouissement du marché des fermiers.

Etienne - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The importance of Anne of Green Gables the musical in today's society, as well as the culture it has in the heart of Charlottetown.

Fathima - Vancouver, British Columbia

Being a spy, mail carrier, and a nurse can be tiring, but being all that and disguising as the opposite gender can be even more tiring! That's what Sarah Emma Edmonds had to do! In 1841 Sarah was born. Her father was very upset that she was a girl instead of a boy. He wanted a boy because the boy would help with the farming , so he treated Sarah very badly. When she was 17 she ran away because of her father. She disguised herself as a man so her father wouldn't be able to find her. So she got a job which was to sell bibles. Then she traveled to Flint, Michigan and joined as a man to help the American civil war. She became a nurse at first, but she later had malaria, so after she was better she became a mail carrier because if she went back the other nurses would question her where she went so she had to become a mail carrier. Then they would find about her true identity. When she heard that a spy agent was killed she immediately signed up to become a spy. It was probably really hard for her to be disguised as a man and work for the American civil war! The amazing part is that she was from Canada!

Jasleen Kaur - Vancouver, British Columbia

Irma LeVasseur was the first French-Canadian female doctor and we owe all of Quebec's women's success to her. She had many challenges through out her life and achieved so much. But at the end, she did have some regrets. Irma LeVasseur was a great French-Canadian and she did not deserve what she got at the end of her life time.

Joshua - Winnipeg, Manitoba

My project aims to discover the life and legacy of Louis Riel and to highlight his heroism. I also wanted to know who Louis Riel is in the eyes of the younger generation, so I conducted an online survey. As part of my research, I visited some of the historic sites in Winnipeg.

Keira - Freeland, Prince Edward Island

My project is on Wanda Wyatt and Wyatt heritage properties in Summerside, PEI. I talk about her life, goals and how she made a difference in the lives of women today.

Kianna - Calgary, Alberta

My project explores how the Vietnamese Boat People are part of Canada's heritage. Both my mom's family and dad's family were Boat People and came to Canada as refugees. The story of how my mom's family came to Canada inspired a Canadian Heritage Minute.

Canada accepted over 100 000 Vietnamese refugees after the Vietnam war who are now all proud Canadians. How Canada helped the Vietnamese Boat People reflects what our country is best known for - our kindness!

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