Abhiyan - Vancouver, British Columbia

My project is about how insulin, discovered by Frederick Banting and his research team, changed the life of millions of people with diabetes. My project also talks about how Banting came to be the person we know today.

Alex - Vancouver, British Columbia

Mostly about Impacts, Economic Impacts and more!

Alexander - Ailsa Craig , Ontario

In 1795, 3 friends found a peculiar looking depression on Oak Island, that was absolutely man-made. Curiosity set in, and they started digging. Could it be the treasure that Captain Kidd claimed to have buried? It wasn't long before they came across further evidence to convince their imaginations. 2 feet below topsoil, they uncovered a layer of flagstones and then logs at 10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet. As the years went by, they kept on removing one barrier after another to claim their mysterious reward. And So It Begins...

Andrée-Ann - St-Georges, Quebec

Les missons de paix auquelle le Canada a participé.

Angie - Shippagan, New Brunswick

L'évolution de l'utilisation du cheval.

Anja - Kingston, Ontario

An animated short film telling the story of the Leifso family’s journey to Canada.

Anna - Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

My project is about the Spanish Influenza of 1918 which killed 50-100 million people. About a third of the world's population was infected. Canada's response to the pandemic was the start of Canada's Department of Health in 1919. Also, we can thank annual conferences held in Canada about seasonal influenzas to help with the decrease of flu outbreaks today. In my project I researched the three waves of the pandemic, the symptoms, and the social upheaval it caused globally.

Anna Mhira - Winnipeg, Manitoba

My project is about the life and legacy of Viola Desmond and all her hardships before she became the face of the new ten-dollar bill. In this video, she had made a great effort to serve her community by opposing the segregation law. She fought for what is right and for what she believes in.

Antone - Vancouver, British Columbia

A project concerning the commemorative coins of Canada and how their designs relate and represent it.

Ava - Digby, Nova Scotia

My heritage fair project is on abandoned structures in the municipality of Digby. I picked this topic because I thought it would be an interesting way to learn about my community. My father tears down building as part of his job, so I’ve heard a lot stories from him which peaked my interest. To conduct my research I drove on every road in the Municipality of Digby. I captured photos of 340 abandoned structures that I found and put them in a slideshow as part of my presentation. I decided to interview Municipal Warden, Jimmy MacAlpine on abandoned structures in the area to further my research. There are no statistics on the number of abandoned structures in municipality of Digby. The only data I have is the informal data I collected by traveling throughout the municipality and taking photographs of structures I determined to be abandoned. I think our communities are changing and we are letting part of our heritage disappear by not restoring or maintaining these structures. Some of these structures are important to our local history. The amount of abandoned structures also raises important questions regarding our population and the future of rural communities.

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