Emilienne - Verona, Ontario

The Underground Railway was a very secretive network and the people involved used many different symbols and codes to help them hide runaway slaves from their owners and the slave catchers paid to recapture them. A theory developed in the 1990s suggests that quilts were a main tool for communicating and hiding these secret codes. Some believe this theory; others don’t. This video looks at both sides so you can decide whether the theory is the truth or just folklore.

Emily - Grimsby, Ontario

My project is about The Canadian Residential School System. Residential Schools were established by the Canadian government to change Indigenous children’s background, culture, traditions, and lifestyles. Indigenous children were taken from their families to be taught in these Residential Schools and the government hoped that by them receiving this education it would make the children forget about their culture and make them become more like other Canadians. Residential Schools operated from the period of 1870 to 1996. Physical, mental, and emotional abuse were common experiences shared in Residential Schools. This has had a devastating impact on individual, family, and Indigenous communities. As a result, Canada has taken steps to overcome the schools’ tragic legacy and hopefully we can continue to keep moving forward together towards building awareness, healing, and reconciliation.

Ethan - Vancouver, British Columbia

Marconi's first long range signal crosses the Atlantic, this becomes History, and part of the Origins of WiFi

Étienne - Saint-Ludger, Quebec

Découvrez l'ancien monde des écoles de rang à travers cette vidéo. Ayez l'avis d'une experte sur le sujet, une ancienne institutrice d'école, Germaine Roy.

George - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Watching something in IMAX isn't just about the format it is about the laughs, cries it is about the entire experience, being cautious of your surroundings and how every movie theater is different. My project is about how a vision of a seamless movie going experience that transferred you not only in the movie theater but into the movie itself. As well as the story that goes along with the multi-billion worldwide corporation. How little things can add up into something amazing. How the film industry has evolved over time and why film is important and why IMAX is the superior movie going experience, and finally about the earth shattering sound that rumbles through your body, the screen that is crystal clear 12k resolution screen, smooth leather stadium seating and the all around absolutely amazing vibe in the theater. After watching my video I hope you can appreciate how cool and limited IMAX is and persuade you to go see something in IMAX. I filmed and edited my video and at the end I realized that there was a watermark so please excuse the watermark and look at the real video.

Grady - Aylesford, Nova Scotia

I've been interested in hunting for as long as I can remember. It is a strong tradition in my family and I am excited to share my knowledge with others. My video project tells a little about the history of hunting whitetail deer in Nova Scotia and my own outdoor lifestyle. I take you into the Nova Scotia wilderness looking for signs of passing wildlife.

Hiromi - Vancouver, British Columbia

To explore the life of Lucy Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables and Anne herself, seeking to find out why this story is much loved by the people.

Iris - Dunlop, New Brunswick

Mon projet décrit la Première Guerre mondiale 1914-1918 en montrant l'application des Canadiens dans la guerre

Isaac - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

My project aims to document my great grandfather’s experience with the Allied invasion force that came to be known as the D-Day Dodgers in World War II. I used real artifacts, stock video footage and first hand accounts from my great grandfather to understand Canada’s role in the invasion of Southern Europe.

Jacey - St. Stephen, New Brunswick

My project is on fishermen superstitions that have been passed down from generation to generation on the island of Campobello, New Brunswick. There is a brief history of the island and fishing industry, along with the superstitions that the local fishermen follow during their fishing seasons.

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