Jayden - Vancouver, British Columbia

My project is about how Vancouver Chinatown was created and what the Chinese people living in Vancouver in the late 1800s and early 1900s faced when they lived and worked there.

Jayden - Mermaid, Prince Edward Island

Difference between the old and new reserve. Issues with discrimination and the importance of speaking my native language (maliseet)

Jeeyahn - Hampton, New Brunswick

This is about the life of Viola Desmond and her fight for equality. 

Jonathan - Southwold, Ontario

My project looks at the contributions of Indigenous warriors in World War I. The project was inspired by my great grandfather Manson (Kayʌtahkehluˀ) who was an engineer in World War II. I was curious to learn about my families participation in World War I. I did not find any family connections but learned about many soldiers from my home community, Oneida Nation of the Thames. I expanded my research to include soldiers with significant contributions from other First Nations in Ontario.

Josey - Digby, Nova Scotia

Come and dance with me and learn about my Acadian culture. My name is Josey Comeau and I am proud to be a member of the French Acadian dance troupe La Baie en Joie. For the past forty years, La Baie en Joie has been entertaining audiences around the world while promoting and honoring Acadian culture.

Joshit - Vancouver, British Columbia

Chris hadfield Reaching Starts

Karen - Vancouver, British Columbia

This project discusses the Alberta Sexual Sterilization Act of 1928 (an act enabling the sterilization of people deemed unfit to breed in order to cleanse the gene pool) and why its passing was considered justified.

Katelyn - Lethbridge, Alberta

Why did the Beaver become Canada's National Animal? Beaver fur was a very popular fur during the time of the fur trade which was between 1500-1800 in Europe and before Canada became a country. This hard-working rodent's pelt enticed many people to come to this land and many stayed building communities which would lead to the establishment of our country.

Katherine - Val Marie, Saskatchewan

My heritage fair project is about pneumonia and whooping cough, and the differences about them. I also talk about my personal connections to those two communicable diseases.

Koby - Vancouver, British Columbia

The establishment of Vancouver Chinatown and the changes in the past compare to present.

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