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Ben Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Fair address: South Shore Regional School Board

Project: The Mosquito

The de Havilland Mosquito is an aircraft built and used by Canada during WW2. It flew in many roles and in all theaters of war with great success.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

The daring crews of these aircraft would fly from England at night halfway across Europe. They had nothing other than a map and compass but could find a small target. They operated in a very hostile environment filled with enemy planes over an area where you were not welcome.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

Canada played a major role during WW2 by manufacturing, training crews, and flying missions with the de Havilland Mosquito. After the war it was used for mapping Canada's remote northern territory. The Mosquito paved the way for more Canadian built planes such as the Dash 8 that is in use today.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

The Mosquito Pilot I spoke to, George Stewart, loved planes at a young age like me. His first flight was at 17 and mine was at 11 but both were in de Havilland planes. At 18 George enlisted in the RCAF and went on to fly 50 combat missions in Mosquitos returning to Canada at 21 to train Mosquito pilots in my home province of Nova Scotia.

  • Griffin F. 2014 young citizen

    Ben I found you knew a huge amount about your movie. You clearly explained it and you have a great movie! good luck.

    — Griffin F – 2014 Young Citizen

    17/06/2014 2:04:31 PM

  • Denise Kell

    Great job Ben! Looks like you had a lot of fun doing this project and it was a pleasure to watch.
    17/06/2014 1:51:54 PM

  • Sean Harte -Teacher in Victoria, BC

    Very well done Ben! Your project is informative and presented well. I love not only the Canadian History but also the connections to present day Canada.
    17/06/2014 1:31:22 PM

  • Iain

    Well done, clearly lots of research and effort go in. Your video has reached over to mosquito fan Facebook pages in the UK!
    17/06/2014 1:29:01 PM

  • Kevin Penney

    Excellent job young man. The Mosquito has always been a 'plane that stirred my heart and it is so good to see that a young man like yourself can be equally moved by the wooden wonder. All the best with your school project.Picture of the Mosquito on display at RAF Hendon in North London.
    17/06/2014 1:19:09 PM

  • Dave Kennett

    Great report Ben. I built a model of the Mosquito when I was your age and it's been one of my favorite WWII aircraft ever since. I've been closely following the progress of the rebuild in Victoria and that Mosquito finally took to the air this past week.
    17/06/2014 1:10:55 PM

  • Alex Norton

    Well done. I watched the Mosquito fly in Hamilton last year, and stood beside 2 people who had come over from the UK JUST TO SEE the Mosquito fly. It meant that much to them.
    17/06/2014 12:47:48 PM

  • Mary P- 2014 Young Citizen

    I knew nothing about the Mosquito before but your video taught me lots about them!!

    — Mary P – 2014 Young Citizen

    14/06/2014 9:28:52 PM

  • Bailey B - 2014 Young Citizen

    Wow, it's cool you got to a museum where they have that plane, good luck!

    — Bailey B – 2014 Young Citizen

    11/06/2014 1:44:21 AM

  • Richard de Boer

    Congratulations Ben! I think you have done a great job with the project and I am proud to be able to say that the Calgary Mosquito Aircraft Society was able to help out. What you have created is informative, passionate and well organized.
    09/06/2014 10:58:13 PM

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