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Jacob Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fair address: Red River Heritage Fair

Project: Andrew Charles Mynarski

The life of Andrew Mynarski and how he saved his friend's life. He won the Victoria Cross for his valour, but he died doing it.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

I learned about Andrew Mynarski and how he won the Victoria Cross. The most interesting thing about that was that a regular person who probably never thought he would win the Victoria Cross crawled through flames to save his friend. I also learned that people can be so generous to not think about themselves and put another person in front of them, even if it meant they would lose their life.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

Even if you are a regular person and not famous, you can save someone's life. Maybe someday you may win the Victoria Cross, but you don't know that now. I also learned that you should put others before yourself.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Andrew Mynarski's life was tougher than mine because he had to work to support his family.The children during that time had to live without their fathers because they were fighting in the war. The people then were scared that their homes would be bombed. Today, my dad doesn't have to fight in the war, I do not have to support my family, and I live in peace.

  • Colleen Forrest


    I am Pat Brophy's daughter, Colleen Forrest. Your video was passed along to me, and I am very pleased it was. You have done a wonderful job of telling this story.

    For many years, I did not know this story about my father, as this was not something that he spoke of often. It is indeed a tragedy to lose such a wonderful friend as Andy at such a young age. Let us strive for peace in our world. Thank you so much for your interest in this story and for taking the time and effort to bring it alive in a very meaningful way.

    Kind regards,

    17/07/2014 12:26:01 PM

  • M. Ircah

    Jacob, you have exceeded yourself. Your performance in the classroom was memorable. It brought tears to my eyes. This video exceeded all expectations. You were cool, sincere, and very knowledgeable. It's a great performance honouring a true Canadian / Manitoba's hero.
    11/07/2014 1:12:56 PM

  • Bradley Wood-Maclean 2014 young citizen

    I never knew that very interesting -

    — Bradley – 2014 Young Citizen

    03/07/2014 9:41:03 AM

  • Leslie Joan Gentile

    Wonderful video. Great job!
    29/06/2014 10:06:13 PM

  • Rose Anne S

    Excellent job and good luck
    26/06/2014 8:20:43 AM

  • Sommerlyn Tan

    Great Job Jacob!!
    22/06/2014 8:03:47 PM

  • neil perez

    The story tells us how to be a man for the mission vision of our school....job well done.
    22/06/2014 1:45:00 PM

  • Miss Proulx

    Hey Jake, Awesome job! I voted using all of my email accounts! Good luck! We are so proud of you! :)
    22/06/2014 1:30:28 PM

  • mike maclean

    Your video is a tribute to not only a brave Canadian, but also friendship. A job well done Jacob. Thanks. Mike (Kingston, Ontario)
    21/06/2014 4:59:59 PM

  • Grampa & Gramma

    Great video Jacob. It brought tears to Carolyn's eyes too. Very proud of you
    21/06/2014 10:05:20 AM

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