Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Eden Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Fair address: Calgary Regional Heritage School Fair

Project: What happened in my great grandmas yard?

How the Canadians helped to free the Dutch during WW2, and my great grandmother's stories of what happened.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

What my great grandmother went through during her childhood. And how my people helped save her own people.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

The amazing and horrible stories of what life was like during ww2, And how the canadians really helped other countries during ww2.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

A dream honestly, life was very hard during those times, watching people starve and die around you. It was horrifying.

  • Papa Dave and Mim

    Awesome job!!! Very articulate...well presented. So proud of you!
    24/07/2015 7:03:23 PM

  • Samantha Scott 2015 Young Citizen

    This was a really fantastic video. It was full of detail but wasn't boring to watch. You really did a great job and I could tell you were passionate about your topic. Amazing job.
    05/07/2015 8:40:10 PM

  • Leah feddema

    Eden we are so proud of you! Good luck
    05/07/2015 11:30:35 AM

  • Haley "2015 Young Citizen"

    such a great job and a lot of information. I found it very interesting. Good luck!
    03/07/2015 9:37:38 PM

  • Lorna Beck

    Well done Eden. I never realised there was so many people that died of starvation. I didn't know that Holland suffered such deprivation.
    03/07/2015 11:54:52 AM

  • Ali Najem (young citizen 2015)

    Great job Eden! It is amazing to choose your topic about someone related to you.
    02/07/2015 10:15:36 PM

  • Anne Feddema

    Eden, you have done a good job of telling a story that needs to be heard. Thank you for that.
    29/06/2015 1:58:38 PM

  • Eugene Hahn

    Nice Video Eden!!
    29/06/2015 1:47:52 PM

  • Paul G - 2015 Young Citizen

    This is a well done video. You have found interesting locations to film (ex. a cellar and on a silo). It makes this story very interesting and brings it to life! How scared your great grandmother and her brother must have been! I thank all those Canadians as well who fought with their lives - for our freedom!
    27/06/2015 3:13:58 PM

  • Marina Grey

    Great story
    23/06/2015 11:07:57 PM

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