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Evelyn Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Fair address: South Shore Regional School Board

Project: The Little Immigrants

From 1833-1948 over 120,000 British children were sent to Canada to become "home children." They were leaving bad conditions behind in the hopes of a better life in Canada. The British Immigrant Children program" may have had good intentions but life in Canada was often very difficult.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

I learned that home children contributed greatly to our population. Over ten percent of Canada's population today can claim they are relatives of home children. That is more than 4 million people!

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

I learned that sometimes good intentions can have selfish reasons behind them and don't always have good results. The program was a way to get rid of poor children and solve overcrowding issues in Britain, while providing farm labourers and domestic servants to people in Canada. I learned that people are tough and can overcome difficult times in life.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

My Life is 100% different. I get to be a kid and don't have to worry about child labour. These children came from very poor situations and I am very lucky to have the life and family that I do.

  • Andrea

    Very interesting topic. Great job processing all the info and making it clear and straight forward for your audience. Thank you for bringing something important to our attention that many of us knew nothing about.
    06/07/2015 8:58:30 AM

  • Samatha Scott 2015 Young Citizen

    This topic is very serious and you did a great job in your video by giving it respect. You had lots of detail and did a great job with displaying all your information. Fantastic work.
    05/07/2015 8:21:38 PM

  • Tony Eisnor

    Great Evelyn! Your soundtrack certainly compliments your video. I had no idea that British Home Children contributed such a large portion to the overall Canadian population. Well researched and informative!
    04/07/2015 1:53:34 PM

  • Abrielle - Young Citizen 2015

    Great research. I liked the music you used in your video. Good luck.
    03/07/2015 10:16:24 PM

  • Haley "2015 Young Citizen"

    Excellent job on your video Evelyn! So sad but such a great lesson on part of our history and you told it well!!
    02/07/2015 7:55:38 PM

  • Julia McNeaney

    Very well done!! Your video was very professional and detailed. You told the story in an interesting way. Good job!
    02/07/2015 2:01:13 PM

  • Jeanie R

    You did a wonderful job! I am very impressed! (I had to go back and watch it again)
    29/06/2015 8:57:13 PM

  • Paul G - 2015 Young Citizen

    Your video was very well done. It was very graphic with the dandelion opening. It was very easy to understand and your selection of photographs depicted the story well. It is a very depressing time in our history, but once again, a story that needs to be told. You told it well.
    29/06/2015 8:40:48 PM

  • Cheryl Lamerson

    Well done! I learned a lot about the children and admire the work you did to research, write and film this.
    28/06/2015 12:07:01 PM

  • Ali Najem

    Very well done! Your topic is really educational. You taught me something I've never known before.
    27/06/2015 2:43:27 PM

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