Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Karissa Lethbridge, Alberta

Fair address: Southern Alberta Regional Heritage Fair

Project: Canada's Canola

Canada's Canola looks at the history and importance of canola, the world's only "made in Canada" crop.  

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

Did you know that in 1996 Canada's canola seeds were taken to space to study the effects on growth and germination? Did you know canola oil was used to fuel a race car that ran on canola biodiesel? Isn't canola amazing?!?

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

Canola is one of Canada's most valuable crops. Canadian's need to know that canola is a much healthier choice for cooking and baking because it is cholesterol and trans fat free.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

The people who brought rapeseed to Canada, the Canadian scientists who created canola, Robert Thirsk who brought canola seeds to space, and Kevin Therres who made the first race car to run on canola biodiesel were all courageous people who weren't afraid to take risks. Like those that have gone before us we too can be daring and try our creative ideas!

  • simone

    Karissa, the canola industry thanks you for selecting this topic, and for doing such a great job.
    12/06/2015 1:22:56 AM

  • Jacqui

    I didn't know that Canola was actually an acronym. Great video! I learned a lot and I''m switching back to Canola Oil for cooking! Thank you Karissa for your contribution!
    12/06/2015 12:01:07 AM

  • Rachelle Williams

    Great job Karissa! I learned a lot about canola from your video! It was full of great information - well done!!
    11/06/2015 8:38:07 PM

  • Kathy Franz

    Excellent Presentation!Very informative!
    11/06/2015 5:30:14 PM

  • Dick D

    I never did understand why it was called rapeseed when I was a kid and now canola. Now I know.
    11/06/2015 3:20:56 PM

  • Lorne Willms

    This is a great documentary. I used to farm and we grew canola, and there are many facts in your presentation I did not know. Well researched and presented. Excellent job. I would have liked to see the canola biodiesel car take off.
    11/06/2015 3:18:50 PM

  • Patrick Hazelwood

    I'm very proud of video you made!! Great job Karissa!
    11/06/2015 3:18:23 PM

  • Joanne Petersen

    Most awesome and educational presentation.
    11/06/2015 1:38:16 PM

  • Janice Lamb

    Your video Karissa was fantastic,learned such a variety of ways to use Canola oil, and many facts I did not know. You showed great professionalism, and your interviewers were chosen well for the subject.
    11/06/2015 1:03:40 PM

  • Joanne

    Awesome job Karissa!!! I learnt thinga I didn't know about canola! Very well done!!
    11/06/2015 11:17:59 AM

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