Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Robbie Desboro, Ontario

Fair address: Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair

Project: War on the water: The Battle Of The Atlantic

My project tells people the significance of the Battle of the Atlantic in WW2 and how it is important to Canadian history. Many people think of the war being fought in Europe but in reality a great deal of the fighting and sacrifice happened in Canadian and North American waters.


What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

The most interesting thing I learned about my topic was how many Canadians risked their lives and lost their lives for us to be free. Freedom is not a given right, and we have freedom here in Canada because of the bravery and sacrifice of our citizens.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

Some important lessons I've learned that I want to share with other Canadians is that Heritage Fair is difficult but in the end very fun and rewarding! The Battle of the Atlantic is a very interesting topic and one of the greatest stories ever told not only in Canada, but in the entire world!

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Life back then would have been very different then nowadays! Back then many Canadians lived in fear of Germany and thanks to the people who fought for our freedom we don't have to live in destruction, poverty, fear, or not being safe. Image having to live back then not knowing when the war would end and after just recovering from WW1 going right back in the game in WW2.

  • Sharon Curry

    Very nicely done Robbie. You have a nice balance of facts pictures and a living heroes story. A wonderful tribute to our heritage.
    11/06/2015 8:37:02 PM

  • Karen George

    Great job Robbie. Thanks for reminding all of us how important it is to remember those veterans who fought and those who gave their lives for our freedom.
    11/06/2015 8:14:58 PM

  • Gladys

    We are very proud of you! Love your South Carolina Family
    11/06/2015 7:43:52 PM

  • Alyssa

    It looks great!
    11/06/2015 7:14:57 PM

  • Stacey vanLeerzem

    Great job Robbie. Looks to me like you put a lot of time and effort into your project. We as Canadians are very lucky to live in a country where we are free and safe. We will be forever grateful for those fought for our freedom. Great job on all your hard work!!
    11/06/2015 12:08:40 PM

  • Andy Barnard

    Wow! Eye opening, interesting, great job Robbie.
    11/06/2015 11:18:36 AM

  • Alisa, Jessica and Jordyn

    Great job, Robbie!
    11/06/2015 4:54:31 AM

  • Melanie and Robert

    Robbie, We have watched you pour your heart and soul into your research and seen your passion for learning everything you can about this vital part of our heritage, and paying respect to those who sacrificed. We are so proud of you and your hard work!
    10/06/2015 12:44:40 AM

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