Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Emma Truro, Nova Scotia

Fair address: Chignecto-Central Regional Heritage Fair

Project: Maple Madness: A History of Maple Syrup Production in Canada

My project is all about the exciting history of maple syrup. I will teach how its made and share some nutritious facts and tasty tips!

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

The most interesting thing I've learned is that my great Grandad tapped 25,000 trees per year while owning and managing a sugar farm. That's a lot considering Nova Scotia produces only a small percentage of Canada's maple syrup! I also learned that Quebec produces three quarters of the world's maple syrup!

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

I have learned that maple syrup is not only delicious, but is also very healthy - did you know 60mls of maple syrup contains 100% of your daily requirement of manganese? I have also have learned that Canada produces 80% of the worlds maple syrup. Did you know that maple syrup can only be made in north eastern North America?

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Making maple syrup long ago was time consuming and labour intensive. Now you can just get up and go to the store to buy maple syrup. Life was a lot harder for the historical First Nations people compared to the modern Canadian today.

  • Sehrtaj Sanghara

    I love the way you demonstrated how maple syrup was made in the past and the present. I really love maple syrup, but I've never tried maple butter. Excellent work!
    06/07/2016 12:30:44 AM

  • Elwin Z (Young Citizen)

    Great job! I liked how you demonstrated some methods of collecting sap.
    05/07/2016 7:23:59 AM

  • Ms. Corners

    A really interesting video Emma - and now I'm hungry for some maple syrup!!
    04/07/2016 7:32:27 AM

  • Linda Simpson

    Excellent job Emma. You very clearly taught your viewers the process of Maple Syrup production from beginning to end and included the Interesting history of syrup production.I loved the pictures of you with the red were awesome with the drill too. Geary job.
    02/07/2016 8:14:46 PM

  • Janvi ( Young Citizen ) ON

    I really like how your video use different formats to present your information. Also very nice how you take us through the process of making maple syrup. Great job!
    02/07/2016 1:59:50 PM

  • Sarah newbery

    Great job on this! I learned some new things!
    30/06/2016 9:51:03 PM

  • Sarah Newbery

    Great job, I learned some great new things!
    30/06/2016 9:49:49 PM

  • Ray Le Moine

    Liked it
    25/06/2016 10:45:41 AM

  • Deanna Field

    Great Job Emma! I'm going to go have some Maple Butter right now :)
    24/06/2016 10:36:28 AM

  • Jamie Baillie

    Great Job Emma!
    23/06/2016 12:55:06 PM

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