Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Jack Stratford, Prince Edward Island

Fair address: Prince Edward Island Provincial Fair

Project: La Coupe Stanley

The history and stories of the Stanley Cup. Research and insight of a hockey hero on the nation's most famous and historic championship.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

I didn't realize how busy the schedule of the cup is and how special it is to all hockey fans.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

How much history the cup has, how it is so recognized and how hard you have to work to one day be fortunate enough to win it!

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Winning the Stanley Cup is a dream of mine and many others. It's a passion that helps fuel all of the hard work to one day, hopefully be able to have my name inscribed on the cup like many greats.

  • Luc Doucette

    Très bien fait Jack. J'aime ton vidéo beaucoup. Bon travail
    05/07/2016 7:16:55 PM

  • Sandra and Isaac

    Excellent work Jack! You did a lot of research and shared the information through a great video. So much work went into this project. Well done!
    03/07/2016 6:35:49 AM

  • Fred O.

    Super Cool!
    22/06/2016 6:10:09 PM

  • Sadie

    Hey! Great work! I am not a huge fan of hockey, but you made it worth learning about the Stanley Cup! Great Work!
    15/06/2016 3:05:37 PM

  • Mike Hunter

    Great job Jack, very interesting report! Taylor was a great translator for me
    14/06/2016 7:41:57 PM

  • tina golden

    Way To Go !! Jack
    14/06/2016 12:27:40 PM

  • Aunt Jen

    Bravo Jack! Tu as fait un beau travail! Il est évident que tu as une vraie passion pour ce sujet se fait ressentir tout au long de ta présentation! Félicitations et bonne chance!
    14/06/2016 7:30:30 AM

  • Aunt Jen

    Bravo Jack! Ta présentation est très bien exécutée. Tu es confiant lorsque tu parles et tu as bien mémorisé ton texte ! Ta recherche est pertinente et intéressante. Continue à bien travailler et à trouver des sujets qui te passionnent !
    14/06/2016 6:51:54 AM

  • Julie

    Well Done!!!
    14/06/2016 6:25:09 AM

  • Jackie

    Tres bien Jack!!!
    13/06/2016 11:04:15 PM

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