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Caleb Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

Fair address: Western Newfoundland Regional Heritage Fair

Project: I Vow to Thee My Country

My project is about Newfoundland and World War II. Newfoundland, then part of Britain, was very important in the war and was involved in many types of home defense like having the American and Canadian Naval, Air,and Army Bases here, etc. and also having men and women volunteering overseas in the Royal Navy, Artillery, Merchant Marines, Forestry Unit,etc.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

Newfoundland's part in WWII was different than in WWI. In WWII, we had a bigger home defense and we had different countries with air, army, and navy bases here. Our volunteers overseas volunteered with Britain's Air, Naval, and Army Forces and also with Canada and the U.S.In the end,the war led us to our Confederation with Canada.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

Do not forget about all those who volunteered during the war. From those Newfoundlanders and Canadians who fought in battles like in the city of Cassino, Italy to those who stayed at home and sent socks and hats to those fighting overseas. They all were important and still are.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

I am a proud and happy Newfoundlander today because of those WWII volunteers. I have a easier, peaceful life because of them. Finally, I am a proud Canadian today because of them.

  • Dave

    Well done Caleb !!
    02/07/2017 3:42:10 PM

  • Didier ocana

    Did you find your subs?
    20/06/2017 11:04:46 AM

  • Anonymous

    cool video :)
    19/06/2017 6:57:05 AM

  • Kalie Savoury

    Good job Caleb! I hope you win
    19/06/2017 6:55:08 AM

  • Caleb Ocana

    Great job Caleb you really out did myself. I saw this while I was looking for enemy subs 😀
    19/06/2017 6:55:01 AM

  • LoganG

    Great job Caleb you did an excellent job!
    19/06/2017 6:52:19 AM

  • Pauline Earle

    Great work Caleb..awesome..your mom must be so proud..Good Luck !
    14/06/2017 9:42:04 PM

  • Lori Gilley

    Great work!!
    14/06/2017 8:27:02 PM

  • Chris and Priscilla

    Great work, Caleb and great topic!
    14/06/2017 7:45:19 PM

  • Patricia wheeler

    Caleb, you should be very proud of yourself. Excellent presentstion
    14/06/2017 7:36:56 PM

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