Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Gracyn Oshawa, Ontario

Fair address: Durham Regional Fair

Project: The Home Children

The Emigration of Children from England to Canada, From 1869-1932 was one of the Largest Child Emigration to Canada.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

That my Great Grandpa is a home boy and he was brought over to Canada at age 11, which is the same age as me.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

That Over 40 million Canadians are descendants of a home child. How and why the children came over and what they went through. Over 100,000 children were brought over.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

I learned that our lives are not so hard after learning what the home children went through to survive. I am so glad today we do not have to go through such hardship.

  • Shirley LaVerdiere

    Gracyn you did an awesome job Thank You. Both my grandparents where BHC
    22/06/2017 4:28:34 PM

  • Perry Snow

    Well done Gracyn!
    22/06/2017 4:28:20 PM

  • Helen Stoney

    Great video Graclyn!
    20/06/2017 2:00:20 PM

  • Maureen Salter

    Well done!
    14/06/2017 4:42:19 PM

  • Cheryl Outingdyke Toms

    Thank you for shedding more light on the BHC and how they helped to build Canada. My maternal grandmother, Annie May Cheek, was also a BHC.
    14/06/2017 6:25:18 AM

  • Pauline MacLean

    well done Gracyn you did an amazing job telling your great grandfathers story about being a home Child ,My dad was a Home Child also and yes they weren't always used very well it certainly was a hard life for them but they were amazing children and did the best job they could , I'm very proud of the way you told the story ,your great grandfather and other descendants would be very Proud of you Thankyou .
    13/06/2017 11:26:03 PM

  • Lynda Bowen

    My father was also a BHC child, he was lucky because he was well treated as far as I know
    13/06/2017 12:26:42 PM

  • Karen Nichols

    Amazing joy, Gracy -- thank you for telling the story of so many of our ancestors.... my grandmother was a home child... she came to Canada at the age of 9 years old......
    13/06/2017 11:41:00 AM

  • Lorraine Andrews

    This is excellent! Well done, Gracyn! My father was a BHC too.
    13/06/2017 8:58:33 AM

  • Kathy Westfall

    Thank you, Gracyn, you did a wonderful job on this video.
    13/06/2017 8:52:43 AM

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