Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Grayce Warman, Saskatchewan

Fair address: Saskatoon Regional Saskatchewan Youth Heritage Fair

Project: My Opa's Escape From the Nazis in WW2

My heritage fair project is something that is very important part of my family history. My project is on how my Opa escaped from the Nazi's during World War 2 and the rest of his adventures. Those adventures include how my Opa met my Grota Oma through hiding in a safe house, fighting in Java, Indonesia and how he brought his family to Canada in 1953.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

I found out a lot more about my family history and how it affected my life. I also learned about unfairness towards Jews and other people that were being treated badly by the Germans. Something else I found out was that it was partially a good thing that my Opa went to the work camp because if he didn't he wouldn't have had such a bad experience as he did and maybe would have stayed in Holland. If he stayed in Holland I would have never been born.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

I think one important lesson people in Canada could learn from my Opa is to never give up and there is always another way to look at things. Another lesson is that something good can always come out of a tough situation like when he escaped from the Nazis and then fought in the war which brought him to immigrate to Canada. My Opa brought many good things into this county because he was an educator and brought his knowledge into Canada.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

My ancestors did have the option to move away from Holland and move to Canada and if they didn't it would have completely changed the future which would be my life. My Opa chose the right decision because his family was for sure safe in Canada and it was a very free country. Canadaian's are very lucky to have a free country and have everyone treated the same and fairly.

  • Eryn Kielo

    Your video was very informative and enjoyable to watch. I loved how you interviewed your Grote Oma on her thoughts about immigrating to Canada. Awesome job. I wish you the best of luck.
    28/06/2017 5:52:41 PM

  • Karsten Roese

    “Chapeau!” Grayce, awesome job! I’m from Germany and I can tell you your Grandpa’s story stands representatively for the endless suffering of many, many innocent people in Germany & Europe under the Nazi Regime. A 12 years terrible piece of German history and a horrible ideologue which must never happen again. Also my Grandpa (is already dead for a long time) was forced to fight during the World War 2 in Stalingrad/Russia got wounded and came back with only one leg. Luckily your Grandpa escaped out of a life-threatening situation and he made it to Canada. And regarding your learnings, If he stayed in Holland I would have never met your Dad and your family :). And I agree, Canada is a great & beautiful Country.
    21/06/2017 3:59:17 AM

  • Dean Olson

    Great Job and good luck
    20/06/2017 3:10:01 PM

  • Bonnie Fitzpatrick

    Great Job!
    20/06/2017 2:37:49 PM

  • Kandace Dewey

    Great job Grayce...good luck!
    20/06/2017 8:38:05 AM

  • peter & Johanna McNeil

    Great job Grayce! We are very proud of you.
    17/06/2017 4:00:40 PM

  • Ray and Janet Kasten did an amazing job on this project. Ray and I are hoping we can see and read your display some day. Love you lots. Hopefully we will see you this summer at Oma's 90th Birthday Party.
    16/06/2017 1:16:52 PM

  • wilco de Vries

    Good job Grace ....greetings from holland
    15/06/2017 3:05:12 PM

  • Cory

    Such a great job Grayce! I loved learning more about the other side of your family!
    15/06/2017 7:46:49 AM

  • Betty Rawlyk

    Very interesting and well researched. Every Canadian should be proud of their ancestors that fought to keep our country free.
    14/06/2017 6:26:36 PM

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