Jeunes Citoyens / Young Citizens

Ainslie Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia

Fair address: Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

Project: The Wreck of the Melmerby

The wreck of the Melmerby was a disastrous shipwreck that happened in 1890. 15 people lost their lives.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

That this wreck brought a bit of fame to Melmerby Beach, and now it is a provincial park with cottages lining the beach. The cottages began to appear in the years immediately after the people gathered on the beach to participate in the rescue. Without the Melmerby, the beach might not have gained as much popularity as it did.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

Seafaring can be a very dangerous pastime, even for the people who make a living of it, and yet it still remains a very important piece of our history, culture and economy.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

My life is very much different to the people in this tale, it was 1890, so publicity was not as immediate as it would have been today. As well, most of their working life was probably out at sea, and now I only spend time out on the ocean for pleasure.

  • Susan Breen

    Great job Ainslie. I grew up in Little Harbour and ther Merb, as we called it,was our favorite spot to go swimming. It is dear to my heart. History will go on because of your part doing this video.
    03/07/2019 11:03:02 AM

  • Great job Ainslie! You've made this tragic story into a beautiful and educational memoir. Such an important part of our Canadian and Nova Scotian history and so much to learn from it. No doubt the tragic losses have gone on to save countless lives as most boaters who hopefully continue to know to the dangers of the point. And your story will also continue to help! Thank you for putting it together and sharing it.
    29/06/2019 2:55:03 PM

  • Elizabeth (Douglas) Allebone

    Wonderful history dear to my heart! Well done Ainsley!
    29/06/2019 9:11:38 AM

  • Libby Cassidy

    A wonderful way to help history stay alive - we’ll do Everything!
    29/06/2019 8:33:58 AM

  • Meredith Fraser

    Dear Ainslie: Thank you for this great reminder of the history of our shared summer place. I do know that your great-uncle Jim once write a moving song on the story.
    29/06/2019 8:14:10 AM

  • Lachie Mac Intosh.

    Ainslie, your relationship with Melmerby Beach is one I’ve enjoyed watching since you were very young. What a wonderful project to remind the rest of us that our summer place of peace was born from such tragedy. Very well done!
    24/06/2019 4:50:48 PM

  • cathy coulter

    Wow,what an amazing piece of history portrayed in this video . Very well presented Miss Ainslie.
    24/06/2019 3:39:33 PM

  • Elliot PausJenssen

    Your video transported me back to beautiful Melmerby, Ainslie, and taught me so much. Thank-you! very well done!
    19/06/2019 9:41:13 AM

  • Janet & Bruce Ervin

    Well Done Ainslie!
    15/06/2019 9:14:17 AM

  • mike armstrong

    great job!
    14/06/2019 1:06:23 PM

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