Abhiyan - Vancouver, British Columbia

The project is on the contribution of corporal Francis Pegahmagabow, an indigenous soldier, who became a legendary sniper of WWI with a record 378 successful hits. He was one of the bravest and most effective scouts who dispatched important war messages. A hero to his fellow comrades, for leading trapped soldiers out of situations that would have killed them.

Agnes - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dans mon projet je parle au sujet la port d'Halifax et pourquoi les bateaux étaient là quand ils étaient là. Il y a aussi un résumé assez détaillé de ce qui s'est passé le matin du 6 décembre 1917 et un bref compte des certaines des conséquences de l'explosion.

Ainslie - Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia

The wreck of the Melmerby was a disastrous shipwreck that happened in 1890. 15 people lost their lives.

Alex - Winnipeg, Manitoba

My project explores the rich history of the Bannock Point Petroform Heritage site located in Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial park. Petroform’s are rocks that where placed on flat bedrock in the shapes of snakes, turtles, and geometric forms. They are considered sacred places that are still used today for ceremonies, worship, and teaching.

Alexia - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

My project is about the battle of Quebec 1759. It was an important battle during the seven-year war. It was a war between the British and the French at Quebec City, which only lasted less than an hour, but resulted in changes that shaped Canada into what it is today both culturally and politically.

Alivia - Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Mon projet est sur les premières femmes médecins du Canada. J’ai rechercher sur quatre femmes médecins, la première femme à pratiquer la médecine au Canada, la première femme d’être autorisée de pratiquer la médecine au Canada, la première femme de pratiquer la médecine au Nouvelle Écosse et la première femme à pratiquer la médecine au ÎPÉ. C’est femmes ont battue le movement suffrage pour devenir médecins.

Allery - Regina, Saskatchewan

Sharing information about two Hutterite Colonies, one in Saskatchewan and one in Manitoba to learn about the people, their lifestyle and beliefs.

Allison - Port Colborne, Ontario

Crystal Beach was a fun amusement park that sadly only lasted 101 years.. It opened in 1888 and closed in 1989 due to lack in money. It originally started as a religious campground. Investors saw an opportunity to make money if they opened an amusement park. Then it was formed. The park opened and many people came. Later 1927 the Cyclone (a roller coaster) was formed. The first day a 22-year old man named Amis died when he stood up to take his suitcoat off. Before 1933, they tore down Cyclone (due to deaths) and used the wood and steel to make a new ride called "Comet". The four main roller coasters that will never be forgotten is "The magic Carpet" or its new name "Magic Palace", Cyclone (the worlds most dangerous coaster in the world, and the only coaster to have a nurses station at the end), Laff In The Dark (a spooky ride), and Comet ( A fun, more safer ride). Crystal beach will never be forgotten.

Allister - Rosetown, Saskatchewan

“The Tunnels of Moose Jaw and Prohibition” is a project that explores topics including early Chinese hand-laundries during the time of an unfair head tax and bootlegging in the small town of Moose Jaw during prohibition. This project is a great way to learn about the past and apply life lessons to the present and future of Canada.

Amadea - Baddeck-Middle River, Nova Scotia

I chose Pier 21, HALIFAX, as topic for my Heritage Fair Project for 2 reasons : 1. I immigrated last summer from Germany and 2. I already visited the Pier 21 museum 3 times during my vacation the last years, and I love it! In my Heritage Fair Project I analyse the history of Pier 21, Halifax, its immigration history (1928-1971) its big meaning for all Canadians and Canada, its very important role during World War II and now its museum/research center history (since July 1st 1999). This year the museum celebrates its 20th anniversary...another good reason for making my project about it!! I made a big, big display board with lots of information and photos about Pier 21 and its history on it. A very immpressive point for me was that 1 in 5 Candians has a connection to Pier 21! That means 20% of all Canadians immigrated or have an ancestor who immigrated through the doors of Pier 21, Halifax!! And Pier 21 is furthermore the last surving immigration shed in Canada and therefore has a very important meaning for all Canadians and the history and building up of Canada! "In the last corner" of my display board I also have a photo and a little text about BallinStadt, Hamburg, Germany. That is a counterpart to the Pier 21 museum, it is an Emigration museum which I visited too when I still lived in Germany!! And....during our exhibition at Baddeck Academy an old lady came to my board, read my textes, watched quiet my lots of photos, had tears in her eyes and said then: I know everything, I came exactly through these doors in 1956! I was totally overwhelmed (I put later her photo on my board too!) and really can say: Yes, you find everywhere someone who has a connection to Pier 21!

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